Master Minimum Equipment List Global Change 4

Project Management (Certification of Aeronautical Products)

Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)

When granting relief for items which have cargo area fire related implications the following non-combustible material description is applicable when it is desired to carry ballast: Unit Load Devices (ULDs) may be carried in the associated compartment provided no cargo is carried on or in these devices. For ballast purposes, use of bags (made of fibreglass or Kevlar) of sand or ingots of non-magnetic metals (such as lead) is acceptable.

This GC is an approved addendum to all affected existing Master Minimum Equipments Lists (MMELs). An operator may seek use of the specific relief by revising the affected Minimum Equipment List (MEL). In doing so, the description, where applicable shall be copied verbatim into the MEL as a NOTE. Approval of the revised MEL shall be gained using normal procedures or as otherwise directed in the new MMEL Item.



To date industry has not been able to provide a definition of non-combustible materials, which is acceptable to Transport Canada. However, because there is occasionally a need to carry ballast, it is considered appropriate to publish a description of permissible ballast so that MMEL relief can be granted for some items which have cargo area fire related implications. The TC MMEL Guidance Book related items to date are:

  • Air Conditioning and Pressurization Control Modes
  • Air Conditioning Packs
  • Baggage or Cargo Compartment Smoke Detectors

The above-mentioned description of permissible ballast is in direct response to an industry proposal. Other materials will be addressed as necessary.

Original signed by:

W.R. Jupp
Acting Chief
Aircraft Certification, Flight Test
for Minister of Transport

April 23, 1998

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