Master Minimum Equipment List Global Change 5

Project Management (Certification of Aeronautical Products)

Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)

This Transport Canada Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) GC addresses the following TC MMEL Guidance Book (GB) Items.

Crew Member Interphone System

23.9      Passenger Address System
23.10    Handsets
23.11    Alerting System
26.8      Lavatory Fire Extinguisher Systems
26.9      Lavatory Smoke Detection Systems
38.1      Potable Water Systems
38.2      Lavatory Waste Systems

Although there are a significant number of revision bars for GB Items 23.3, 23.8, 23.9, 23.10, and 23.11, most of the changes have resulted from moving that item from another page. Revision bars are based on changes to the GB at Rev. 05, dated 05 May 00 and the content of each item is identical to the relief provided in GB at Rev. 06, dated 15 Feb. 02.

Specifically, the addition of these enhanced security requirements has been designated as Transport Canada Global Change 5 (TCGC-5).



As a result of the September 11 hijackings, enhanced security initiatives have been instituted by the FAA, and Transport Canada has agreed to parallel these initiatives as much as possible. These initiatives include the requirement to ensure that installed flight deck doors are locked and additional equipment such as flight deck to cabin communication equipment are operative for dispatch.  This TCCA GC is compatible with the requirements of FAA PLs 9, 24 and 83, revising the 8 items listed above and detailed in the following pages.

Original signed by:

W.R. Jupp
Aircraft Certification, Flight Test
for Minister of Transport

15 February 2002

Date modified: