Master Minimum Equipment List Global Change 6

Project Management (Certification of Aeronautical Products)

Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)

This Transport Canada (TC) Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) Global Change (GC) revises MMEL relief for Emergency Medical Kit (EMK) found in item 25-60-3 of the TC MMEL Guidance Book, Revision 07, dated 27 April 2009.

This GC is an approved addendum to all affected existing MMELs and in accordance with TP 9155 (Second Edition, January 2006) paragraph 2.6.5, affected MELs should be amended accordingly.  Approval of the revised MEL shall be gained using normal procedures.

TC MMEL Guidance Book item 25-60-3, domestic MMELs, and TC Supplements will be amended in the future to reflect the revised relief for EMK as per this GC.


Current MMEL relief for EMK is based on item 25-60-3 of the TC MMEL Guidance Book, which permits dispatch with one consumable item missing, as required by CASS 725.91, provided the EMK contains more than one of the items that is missing.

Such relief provides limited flexibility to air operators, as an aircraft may be grounded if all of the units of a specific item required by CASS 725.91 are used, and the aircraft is located at an airport where the missing item cannot be obtained to replenish the kit.

In the United States, EMK MMEL policy is found in the FAA Policy Letter 73 (Revision 5, 15 June 2011), which permits dispatch with an incomplete or missing EMK for one flight.

In order to address a request from the Canadian industry as well as to improve harmonization of MMEL relief with the U.S., Transport Canada Medicine, Cabin Safety Standards, and Flight Test have reviewed the existing MMEL relief for EMK as per item 25-60-3 of the Guidance Book.  Considering that the use of an EMK (or the same consumable item) on back-to-back flights is very remote, it has been considered acceptable to dispatch with an incomplete or missing EMK for one flight.  The revised relief should allow operators to continue revenue flight to a destination where the EMK can be replenished or replaced.

Original signed by:

Walter Istchenko
Chief, Flight Test
National Aircraft Certification
for Minister of Transport

29 September 2011      


Procedures Required

(O) – An operational procedure
(M) or (M#) – A maintenance procedure
(O)(M) or (O)(M#) – Both operational and maintenance procedures

Repair Interval Categories

Category A

Items in this category shall be repaired within the time interval specified in the "Remarks or Exceptions" column of the air operator's approved MEL. Whenever the proviso in the "Remarks or Exceptions" column of the MMEL states cycles or flight time, the time interval begins with the next flight. Whenever the time interval is listed as flight days, the time interval begins on the flight day following the day of discovery.

Time Limited Dispatch - Some MMEL's for aircraft that are equipped with FADEC engines have relief that is subject to time limited dispatch expressed as a specific number of engine hours, and will start in accordance with the times established by the engine manufacturer or as indicated in the remarks column of the MMEL. Time limited relief cannot be extended.

Category B

Items in this category shall be repaired within 3 consecutive calendar days excluding the day of discovery.

Category C

Items in this category shall be repaired within 10 consecutive calendar days, excluding the day of discovery.

Category D

Items in this category shall be repaired within 120 consecutive calendar days, excluding the day of discovery. To be considered for placement in Category D, the item must be of an optional nature, or excess equipment which an air operator may, at his/her discretion, deactivate, remove from or install on an aircraft.

To be approved for Category D, the item must meet the following criteria:

  1. the absence of the item does not adversely affect crew member's workload;
  2. the crew members do not rely on the function of that item on a routine or continuous basis; and,
  3. the crew members' training, subsequent habit patterns and procedures do not rely on the use of that item.

Category D relief will generally not be approved for equipment which is considered to increase the level of safety, even if that equipment is of an optional nature.


System and Sequence No. Item Repair
Remarks or Exceptions
Emergency Medical Kit D - - (O)

Any kit or items contained in the kit in excess of those required by regulations may be incomplete or missing provided procedures are established and used to alert crew members of missing or incomplete kits.

A - 0 (O)

May be incomplete or missing provided:

a) The kit is sealed in manner that will identify it as a unit that cannot be mistaken for a fully serviceable unit, and

b) Replacements are made within one flight.

Emergency Medical Kit Seal B - - (O)

The seal affixed on the exterior of the emergency medical kit may be missing or broken provided:

a) The emergency medical kit is fully equipped,

b) The kit includes a list of its contents,

c) An inventory is taken on the content of the kit prior to departure, and

d) Procedures are established and used to alert crew members of:

1)  The missing or broken seal, and

2)  The need to perform an inventory under proviso c).

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