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Qualifying Aeronautical Products, Individuals and Organizations
(Authorizations and approvals of aviation products, people, and companies)

Air Operator List Search
The Air Operator List Search queries an air operator and provides the address, telephone number, fax number and a list of the types of aircraft in operation.

Aircraft Registration – Manufacturer’s Production Marks (MPM)
The Manufacturer Production Marks (MPM) system is part of Transport Canada's Civil Aircraft Registration and Leasing system. It allows manufacturers who have an authorization permitting the operation of an aircraft that is not registered to:

  • Enter new aircraft;
  • Notify Transport Canada that marks have been affixed to an aircraft;
  • Notify Transport Canada that marks have been removed from an aircraft; and
  • Request that Transport Canada notify a foreign civil aviation authority that an aircraft has never been registered in Canada (exported).

Approved/Accepted Organizations (APPORG)
Transport Canada Approved Organization website for Maintenance, Manufacturing, Distributors, JAR 145 and Bilateral Arrangements

Canadian Civil Aircraft Register Computer System (CCARCS)
National Client/Server system which provides automated system for registering aircraft, and maintaining and publishing the Canadian Civil Aviation Aircraft Register

Civil Aviation Medical Examiner Search (CAM Search)
Civil Aviation Medicine Search - This online application allows internal and external users to search for Civil Aviation Medical Examiners by location.

Delegations Information System (DIS)
The Delegations Information System allows users to search for information on Airworthiness Engineering Organizations, Design Approval Organizations, Designated Engineers, and Design Approval Representatives.

General Aviation On-Line Services
Used by Aircraft Registration and Leasing clients to process various transactions, such as: Reservation and Issuance of registration marks, Renewal of a mark reservation, Notification of a change of ownership, Notification of a change of address, Submission of a Leasing Advisory (LF-5). Requires an epass account.

List of Minister’s Delegate – Maintenance (MD-M) Search
The results of the search are displayed on the Transport Canada website for individuals that require the services of an MD-M. An MD-M is a Minister of Transport authorized person who provides a service to the public for the import/export of aircraft in Canada.

NAPA Issued Certificates Online (NICO) (Type Certificates)
NICO is a query application that allows the general public to query/view NAPA certificates and approval information on-line via the internet

National Aeronautical Product Approval (NAPA) Delegate Web Link (NDWL)
Used by delegates to apply for, track, and issue Limited Supplemental Type Certificates, Repair Design Certificates and Parts Design Approvals. It also enables delegates to submit applications for Supplemental Type Certificates Online. NDWL provides a system using email to notify Aircraft Certification personnel of actions on the system by delegates (initiation, changes to projects, etc.. )

Oversight of the Aviation System   (Confirmation of compliance, hazards and risks)

Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS)
The purpose of this system is to provide initial information to alert the department, as soon as practical, to occurrences involving any Canadian-registered aircraft. Reports contain preliminary, unsubstantiated information that is subject to change.

Bird / Wildlife Strike Report
Provides inventory and analysis capability for the Canadian Bird Strike database.

Continuing Airworthiness Web Information System (CAWIS)
Continuing Airworthiness Web Information System - Aircraft Registry &Airworthiness Directive database

Minimum Equipment Lists (MMEL and GMEL)
MMEL: Master Minimum Equipment Lists. Contains all the relevant information with respect to the philosophy, development and approval of MMELs along with current approved revision status of MMELs/TC Supplements. GMEL: Generated Minimum Equipment Lists. Allows for the automated production of MEL's. A Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is a list of items that may be unserviceable on a type of aircraft under certain stated conditions, such as when other identified components are operating normally and weather conditions permit.

Web Service Difficulty Reporting System (WSDRS)
Utilized mainly for complying with CAR 521 and is used by owners, operators, maintainers, manufacturers of Canadian registered aeronautical products or products for which Canada is the country of Type Design responsibility and Transport Canada Inspectors.

Education, Promotion and Evaluation   (Workshops, seminars, guidance, and safety intelligence)

Computer Delivered Examinations (CDE) for Flight Crew
Sub-system of the national FTAE system that involves 165 Thin Client Devices deployed nationally in examination testing rooms at TCCs for enabling external clients to complete aviation examinations using a computer instead of paper.

Leadership and Management   (Integrated management practices, Official Languages)

Civil Aviation Issues Reporting System (CAIRS)
Provides a means to raise issues (concerns, complaints, compliments, and suggestions for improvement), and identify hazards to management. External stakeholders may also raise issues with Transport Canada through the CAIRS.

Civil Aviation Terminology System (CATS) 
Terminology bank for Civil Aviation.

Rulemaking and Agreements   (Regulations, standards, guidance material, directives, consultations, exemptions)

Airworthiness Directives (AD Search)
This Web site provides a list of airworthiness directives (ADs), which are known to Transport Canada (TC) to be applicable to Canadian registered aircraft, and to the engines, propellers and equipment installed on them.

Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC) Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPA) System (CARAC: NPA)
CARAC: Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPA) System. A Notice of Proposed Amendment is an administrative tool that is used to introduce regulatory amendments to the Canadian Aviation Regulations for consultation with the Civil Aviation stakeholders. It is part of the requirements imposed on the Minister in the Canadian Aviation Regulations. System objectives:

  1. To track NPAs and inform the members of Technical Committees concerning any discussions and meetings pertaining the NPAs.
  2. To record recommendations from discussions at Technical Committees and Canadian Aviation Regulatory Committee (CARC) meetings.
  3. To publish all decision records over the internet/intranet concerning the consultation.
Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) Exemptions Search
Contains information regarding exemptions, requested by industry, from the CARs and is available on the Intranet/Internet
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