Transport Canada Centres and Authorized Examination Invigilators

Transport Canada Centres and Authorized Examination Invigilators

Here is a list of Transport Canada's Regional Offices and Transport Canada Centres for flight crew written examinations. Some offices require an appointment. Following this list of Centres is a list of Authorized Examination Invigilators who may invigilate private and recreational type examinations. For any changes or updates to this page, please contact


Transport Canada *
Flight Training, Evaluation and Examinations
330 Sparks Street
Place de Ville, Tower C, 6th Floor
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0N8
Telephone: 613-990-6077

* No examination service, see Ontario Region - Ottawa Transport Canada Centre.

Atlantic Region

Atlantic Regional Office
Heritage Court
95 Foundry Street
Moncton, NB
E1C 8K6
Telephone: 1-800-305-2059
* By Appointment Only

St. John's Transport Canada Centre
John Cabot Building
10 Barter's Hill
P.O. Box 1300
St. John's, NL
A1C 6H8
Telephone: 1-800-305-2059
* By Appointment Only

Dartmouth Transport Canada Centre
Office, Queen Square
Darthmouth, NS
B2Y 2N6
Telephone: 1-800-305-2059
* By Appointment Only

Ontario Region

Ontario Regional Office
4900 Yonge Street
4th Floor
Toronto, ON
M2N 6A5
Telephone: 416-952-0230
* Examinations services available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only

Hamilton Transport Canada Centre
Hamilton Airport
9300 Airport Road - Unit 450
Mount Hope, ON
L0R 1W0
Telephone: 905-679-3477
* By Appointment Only

Sarnia Transport Canada Centre
100 Front Street South
Sarnia, ON
N7T 2M4
Telephone: 519-464-5111
* By Appointment Only

Ottawa Transport Canada Centre
39 Camelot Drive, Suite 400
Nepean, ON
K2G 5W6
Telephone: 613-952-1637
* By Appointment Only

Sudbury Transport Canada Centre
3101 Skyline Drive
Sudbury Airport
Garson, ON
P3L 1V4
Telephone: 705-693-5804
* By Appointment Only

Thunder Bay Transport Canada Centre
Airport Terminal Building
2nd Floor
210 - 100 Princess Street
Thunder Bay, ON
P7E 6S2
Telephone: 807-474-2570
* By Appointment Only

Pacific Region

Prairie and Northern Region

Prairie and Northern Regional Office
Canada Place
1100 - 9700 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AL
T5J 4E6
Telephone: 1-800-305-2059
* By Appointment Only

Whitehorse Transport Canada Centre
Room 105-300 Main Street
Whitehorse, YT
Y1A 2B5
Telephone: 1-800-305-2059
* By Appointment Only

Saskatoon Transport Canada Centre
4 - 2625 Airport Dr
Saskatoon, SK
S7L 7L1
Telephone: 1-800-305-2059
* By Appointment Only

Yellowknife Transport Canada Centre
4915 - 48 Street
3rd Floor, YK Centre East
P.O. Box 1439
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 2P1
Telephone: 1-800-305-2059
* By Appointment Only

Winnipeg Transport Canada Centre
344 Edmonton Street - 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 8550
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 0P6
Telephone: 1-800-305-2059
* By Appointment Only

Calgary Transport Canada Centre
800-1601 Airport Road, N.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 8W3
Telephone: 1-800-305-2059
* By Appointment Only

Québec Region

Québec Regional Office
700, rue Leigh Capréol
2nd Floor, Room 2001
Dorval, QC
Telephone: 514-633-3863
Toll Free Number: 1-800-305-2059

Québec Transport Canada Centre
401-1550, av. D'Estimauville
2800, avenue St-Jean Baptiste, Room 250
Québec, QC
G2E 6J5
Telephone: 418-877-1765
Toll Free Number: 1-800-305-2059

Alma Transport Canada Centre
Aviation civile
100, rue St-Joseph, Suite 6
Alma, QC
G8B 7A6
Telephone: 1-800-305-2059

Sept-Iles Transport Canada Centre
Marine Security
701, boulevard Laure
Suite 205, 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 596
Sept-Iles, QC
G4R 4K7
Local Number: 418-968-4991 /
Toll Free Number: 1-877-303-3435

Longueuil Transport Canada Centre
1111, Saint-Charles Ouest
Suite 356, Tour Est
Longueuil, QC
J4K 5G4
Toll Free Number: 1-800-305-2059

Rimouski Transport Canada Centre *
Marine Security
180, rue de la Cathédrale
Rimouski, QC
G5L 5H9
Local Number: 418-722-3040 /
Toll Free Number: 1-800-427-4417
* No examination service

Quebec Region Pilots Examiner

The name and coordinates of the person published on this site means that the services provider was accredited by Transport Canada. Authorized persons verify the documentation toward the issuance of a permit, a licence or an endorsement of a qualification and the pilot examiners administer flight tests. The persons mentioned in these lists can grant additional privileges. Afterwards, Transport Canada verifies the applications and delivers the official Canadian Aviation Document when the application demonstrates that all the elements mentioned in the standards are duly met.

The providers of services are listed in alphabetical order. Please contact the provider of services according to your needs.


Telephones H (Home) C (Cellular) W (Work) F (Fax)
Categories A (Aeroplane) H (Helicopter)
Ratings Multi (Multi Engine) IFR (Instrument Rating) Ren. (renewal) Type (Type Rating)
Quebec Region Pilots Examiner

Name Category Recreational, private, commercial Multi IFR Instructor Type

Badrudin, Akbarali
H 450-445-1003
C 514-804-5997

A X X BD700, BE10, C500, C550, CL64, CL65, DH8, SW3, SW4

Bah, A. Tidiane
H 514-624-6526
C 450-800-3868


Initial and Ren. Instructor Aerobatics Class 2 and 1 B737, BE10, C425, C550, C650, E120, FA90X, P180, SW2, SW3, SW4, SW5

Bourassa, André
H 450-563-3444


Carpentier, Emmanuel
C 418-550-1204
W 418-673-3522 #232


Chaboteau, Jérôme
H 418-503-0831
W 418-673-3421 #1825


Cusach, Rémi
C 514-963-7509
W 450-474-0975


Delbarre, Laurent
H 819-686-2382
C 514-241-0960
W 819-686-2382

A X X X AT42, BE02, BE10, BE20, BE30, BE90, C500, C501, C550, C551, C560, C56XL, C650, DH6, E120, FK28, HS25, SF34, SW2, SW3

Derix, Eric
C 514-808-0975

A X BD700, CL64

Dumont, Lorraine
H 450-835-0814
C 514-916-8942


Favron, Daniel
H 450-443-4038
C 514-944-1493
W 450-445-4444


Frigon, Stéphane
C 418-933-5150
T 418-426-2313 poste 243


Gagnon, David
H 418-545-1143
C 418-540-4462


Gagnon, Louise
H 450-629-7855
C 514-239-3338


Haley, Marc
H 418-831-6075
C 418-271-7044


Laflèche, Jean-François
C 819-357-6182


BH06, BH407, BH47, BH055, EC20, EH28, HU30, HU50, RH44, S350

Kessler, Patrick
C 581-580-5345

A X X X Initial class IV
Ren. Class IV, III and II

Labrie, Guy
H 819-414-2668
C 819-775-2880

A X X X Ren. Class IV, III and II

Lambert, Alain
H 450-510-1114
C 514-918-7347

A X X BE10, BE20, BE90, C500, C650, CL60

Martin, Daniel
H 418-380-7504
C 418-575-0174

H X BH06, BH47, EC20, HU30, RH22, RH44, R66, S313, S318, S350

Mazza, Nicolas
H 514-623-6079


Morin, André
C 514-220-1200


Ouimet, Jean-François
W 450-445-4444


Pietracupa, Frank
H 514-620-6210
C 438-870-1959
W 514-855-0216

A X X Initial Class IV, Ren. Class IV, III and II BD700, CL64, CL65

Pinsonneault, Simon
C 613-299-1886

A X X X Initial Class IV, Ren. Class IV, III, II
Initial and Ren. Class I and II aerobatics

Pollak, Ferdinand
C 514-883-9336

X X Initial Class IV, Ren. Class IV and III

Pourciel, Pierre
H 450-443-1703
C 514-348-1703
W 450-468-3431

H X A109, BH04, BH06, BH12, BH22, BH407, BH47, EC30, HU30, MBK7, RH22, S313, S318, S355, S365

Rolland, Serge
H 418-877-4076
C 418-564-5918
W 418-528-8393


Senneville, Pierre W.
C 514-927-2086


Simonin, Gautier
H 418-549-6549
C 418-290-0623
W 418-673-3421 #1815


Thaureau, Martial
C 438-825-5730
W 418-673-3421 #18278


Thibault, Catherine
C 514-229-6887
W 450-656-4783


Todd, Michel
C 514-217-3150
W 514-335-0500
F 866-289-1638

H X X BH06, BH22, BH407, BH41, BH430, EC20, EC30, HU30, HU50, RH22, RH44

Tremblay, Louis
R 418-844-2935
C 418-570-9324


Young, James
H 418-480-1244
C 418-720-2347

H X X Ren. Class IV, III and II BH04, BH06, BH12, BH22, BH407, BH41, BH47, EH28, HL11, HL12, HU30, HU50, MBH5, RH22, S313, S318, S350, SK612

Authorized Examination Invigilators

Atlantic Region

Wendi Jane Lunney / Sarah Ruth Sprunger
Canlink Aviation Inc.
(Moncton Flight College)

2570 Route 102 Hwy, Unit 7
Lincoln, NB
E3B 9G1
Telephone: 506-357-3787

Tracy Lynn Gunter / Carey Taylor
Canlink Aviation Inc.
(Moncton Flight College)

1719 Champlain Street
Dieppe, NB
E1A 7P5
Telephone: 506-857-3080

Sadie Marie Cooper
Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd.
PO Box 355
Gander, NL
A1V 1W7
Telephone: 709-256-7484

Pierre Charles Ouellette
Grand Falls Aviation Services Ltd.
3 Michaud Road
Grand Falls, NB
E3Z 1L5
Telephone: 506-473-2566

Stuart Lemoine Fairchild
Truro Flying Club
P.O. Box 242
Debert, NS
B0M 1G0
Telephone: 902-662-2228

Ontario Region

Brian W Giffen
St. Thomas Flight Centre Ltd
44989 Talbot Line, R.R. #3
St. Thomas, ON
N5P 3S7
Telephone: 519-637-8359

William Frank Hueston
Durham Flight Centre Inc.
1190 Keith Ross Court
Oshawa Municipal Airport
Oshawa, ON
L1H 7K4
Telephone: 905-720-2831

David Gordon Small
Cornwall Aviation (1979) Ltd.
19403 Airport Rd.
R.R. #1
Summerstown, ON
K0C 2E0
Telephone: 613-931-3311

Michael Kerr Hill
Kingston Flying Club
Norman Rogers Airport
Kingston, ON
K7M 9A1
Telephone: 613-389-0954

Daniel Richard Vachon
Owen Sound Flight Services Inc.
203807 Highway #26, R.R. #8
Owen Sound, ON
N4K 5W4
Telephone: 519-372-1259

David Marks
Midland Flight Centre Ltd.
P.O. Box 307
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 3Z4
Telephone: 705-446-1139

Judy Piccioni
Brampton Flying Club
13691 McLaughlin Road
P.O. Box 27 Stn. Cheltenham
Caledon, ON
L7C 3L7
Telephone: 416-798-7928

Lawrence Edward Lee
Genesis Flight Centre Inc.
P.O. Box 312
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 3Z7
Telephone: 877-359-3245

Cindy Masse / Denis Hamelin
Windsor Flying Club Inc.
Unit 105
2600 Airport Road
Windsor, ON
N8V 1A1
Telephone: 519-969-1320

Mathew Scheben
Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre
4881 Fountain Street North, Unit #3
Bresleau, ON
N0B 1M0
Telephone: 519-648-2213

John Stuart Brake
York Soaring Association
7296 5th Line R.R. #1
Belwood, ON
N0B 1J0
Telephone: 519-848-3621

Pacific Region

Colette Cecile Morin
C. Morin Aviation (BC) Inc.
Glacier Air
P.O. Box 2014
Squamish Airport, BC
V8B 0B4
Telephone: 604-898-9016

Avyn Duimel
Pacific Flying Club
#4 – 4335 Skeena St.
Delta, BC
V4K 0A6
Telephone: 604-946-0011

Marcel Poland
Victoria Flying Club
#101 - 1852 Canso Road
North Saanich, BC
V8L 5V5
Telephone: 250-656-4321

Randell Kuan
International Flight Centre Inc.
Unit #1 – 7630 Montreal Street
Delta, BC
V4K 0A7
Telephone: 604-940-6383

Ronald Bradley Reynolds
Skyquest Aviation Ltd.
Hangar #1 – 5333 – 216 Street
Langley, BC
V2Y 2N3
Telephone: 604-534-6855

Marc Anthony Vanderaegen
Southern Interior Flight Center (1993) Ltd.
200 – 6305 Airport Way
Kelowna, BC
V1V 1S1
Telephone: 250-765-7776

Ida Leung
Sea Land Air Management Ltd.
Aberdeen Centre
Unit 2010 – 4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC
V6X 4J7
Telephone: 604-295-8176 Ext. 1108

Sukhdeep Kaur Raikhi
Tylair Aviation Ltd.
2845 Aviation Way
Kamloops, BC
V2B 7Y2
Telephone: 250-554-3333

Taylor Williams / Sophie Peschard
Pacific Sky Aviation Inc.
1533 Kitty Hawk Rd.
North Saanich, BC
V8L 5V6
Telephone : 250-656-4312

Peter Schlieck
Canadian Flight Centre Inc.
101 – 7500 Ottawa St.
Delta, BC
V4K 0B4
Telephone: 604-946-7744

Tracy Tonnesen
Chinook Helicopters (1982) Ltd.
30720 Rotor Drive
Abbotsford, BC
V2T 6H5
Telephone: 604-855-1100

Arnaud Nicolas Sandoval
Pacific Rim Aviation Academy Inc.
393 – 18799 Airport Way
Pitt Meadows, BC
V3Y 2B4
Telephone: 604-465-3594

Michael Duane Schlievert
Sealand Flight Ltd.
Box 17
2000 Jubilee Parkway
Campbell River, BC
V9H 1T5
Telephone: 250-923-9858

Québec Region

Thierry Rene Pierre Dugrippe /
Olivier Robert Jean-Marie Vuvant
Aéroclub de Montréal Inc. /
Montreal Flying Club Inc. / Air Richelieu

5800 Route de l’aéroport
St-Hubert (Québec)
J3Y 8Y9
Telephone: 450-445-4444

Candace Morrow
Lachute Aviation
480 Boulevard de l’aéroparc
Lachute (Québec)
J8H 3R8
Telephone: 450-562-1330

Caroline Farley
Aéro Loisirs Inc.
144 Chemin Roger Hébert
La Macaza (Québec)
J0T 1R0
Telephone : 819-275-2445

Laurette Grenier
Grondair Transport Inc.
2075 Route 112
St-Frédéric de Beauce (Québec)
G0N 1P0
Telephone: 418-426-2313

Tina Bertrand
École de Pilotage de L’Abitibi-Témiscamingue Inc.
42 7E Rue (hagar Q-60) Suite 2
Val D’Or (Québec)
J9P 0G6
Telephone: 819-354-2255

Bassima Melki
École de Pilotage Saint-Hubert Inc.
5680 Chemin de l’aéroport
St-Hubert (Québec)
J3Y 8Y9
Telephone : 450-443-4555

Véronique Ouellet
A.L.M. par Avion Inc.
2200 Chemin de l’Aéroport
St-Mathieu de Beloeil, QC
J3G 0C9
Telephone: 514-962-7509

Edith Levesque
Aviation MH Inc.
63 Casgrain
Rivière-du-Loup, QC
G5R 6H6
Telephone: 418-894-7492

Prairie and Northern Region

Sherry Diane Cooper
Sky Wings Aviation Academy Ltd.
P.O. Box 190
Penhold, AB
T0M 1R0
Telephone: 403-886-5191

Thomas Gibson Ray
Regina Flying Club (1944)
2610 Airport Road
Regina, SK
S4W 1A3
Telephone: 306-525-6194

James Ernest Smith
Centennial Flight Centre Inc.
Hanger 17, Villeneuve Airport
26-27018, SH633
Sturgeon Country, AB
T8T 0E3
Telephone: 780-451-7676

Brenda Ann Ingham
Leading Edge Aviation Ltd.
P.O. Box 1477
Yorkton, SK
S3N 3G3
Telephone: 306-783-0321

Greg Penner / Adam Penner
Harv's Air Service Ltd.
Box 1056
Steinback, MB
R5G 1M8
Telephone: 204-326-2434

Dongkai (Kevin) Miao
Hav’s Air Services Ltd.
St. Andrews Airport
601 Unit Road, Unit 100 St. Andrews, MB
R1A 3P6
Telephone: 204-339-6186

Wade Michael Komarnisky
McMurray Aviation
531 Snoweagle Drive
Fort McMurray, AB
T9H 0H8
Telephone: 780-791-2182

Yvonne Norma Gibbons
Brandon Flying Club
Site 520, P.O. Box 18, RR#5
Brandon, MB
R7A 5Y5
Telephone: 204-728-7691

Michael Mario Mohr
Adventure Aviation Inc.
7117 102 Street
Grande Prairie, AB
T8W 2R8
Telephone: 780-539-6968

Cathryn Rose Lawrence
Mitchinson Flying Service Limited
Hangar #8, 2620 Thayer Avenue
Saskatoon, SK
S7L 6S1
Telephone: 306-244-6714

Daniel Edgar Reeves
Winnipeg Aviation (2003) LTD.
700 South Gate Road
St. Andrews, MB
R1A 3P8
Telephone: 204-338-7924

Mary Kathleen Sorensen
Millennium Aviation LTD.
7 Hangar Row
Saskatoon, SK
S7L 6S1
Telephone: 306-384-4230

Sonette Tredoux
Calgary Flying Club
155A MacLaurin Drive
Calgary, AB
T3Z 3S4
Telephone: 403-288-8831

Carl Douglas Meyer
1550336 Alberta Ltd.
Hangar 15, Olds-Didsbury Airport
Olds, AB
T0M 0W0
Telephone: 403-335-4892

Sheena Kristy Bennett / Chandler John Cook
Excel Flight Training Incorporated
Suite 201, 421 Stubb Ross Road
Lethbridge, AB
T1K 7N3
Telephone: 403-329-4887

Benjamin Lee Match
1630408 Alberta LTD. / Cooking Lake
70, 51401 Range Rd 221
Sherwood Park, AB
T8E 1H1
Telephone: 780-922-2802

Lorna Penrice
Apex Aviation Ltd.
25 Airport Crescent
Saskatoon, SK
S7L 6G9
Telephone: 306-232-2284

Frank Gordon Stacey
Wetaskiwin Air Services Ltd.
Box 6444
Wetaskiwin, AB
T9A 2G2
Telephone: 780-352-5643

Jayme Joel Hepfner
Springbank Air Training College Ltd.
132 MacLaurin Drive
Calgary, AB
T3Z 3S4
Telephone: 403-288-7700

Robert John Smits / Amy Adèle Sallenbach
Namao Flying Club
25, 27018 S.H. 633
Sturgeon Country, AB
T8T 0E3
Telephone: 780-419-6777

Steven James Watt / Crystal Violet Rose Falcon
Border City Aviation Ltd.
Box 10963
Lloydminster, SK
T9V 3B3
Telephone: 780-875-5834

Terri Ann Super
Super T Management LTD.
#11, 49 Viscount Ave SW
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 5G4
Telephone: 403-548-6636

Miriam Skelton
Prairie Bible Institute
Box 4000
Three Hills, AL
T0M 2N0
Telephone: 403-443-2349

Sophia Nichole Wells
Edmonton Flying Club
Parkland Airport
52111 Range Road 270
Spruce Grove, AB
T7X 3L7
Telephone: 780-454-4531

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