Aircraft registered in a non-ICAO Member State

Pursuant to Canadian Aviation Regulations a foreign commercial air operator of aircraft registered in a State that is not a Signatory to ICAO must obtain permission through diplomatic channels prior to operating a flight to or from a Canadian airport or through Canadian airspace. The State of the Operator must provide full details of the flight in a Diplomatic Note to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade including:
See Note 4 and Note 6

  1. the name of the foreign air operator and the call sign of the flight(s);
  2. the type of aircraft, the aircraft registration and the seating capacity;
  3. a list of the dangerous goods being carried. If no dangerous goods are being carried a statement which reads: "No dangerous goods are being carried";
    See Note 5
  4. a statement which reads "The aircraft is airworthy and is being operated under a flight authority which is equivalent to the Certificates of Airworthiness that are issued pursuant to Article 31 of the Convention to ICAO.";
  5. the proposed flight routing, including the last point of departure outside Canada, the first point of entry into Canada; the date and time of arrival at, and the departure from, any Canadian airport(s); and the place(s) of embarkation and disembarkation abroad of passengers and freight.
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