Note 1

To initiate the process for obtaining a Canadian Foreign Air Operator Certificate, interested foreign air operators should contact the Foreign Inspection Division of Transport Canada at the following address:

Foreign Inspection Division (AARXH)
Place de Ville, Tower C
330 Sparks St., 4th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0N8
Phone: (613) 990-1100
Facsimile: (613) 991-5188

Note 2

To be designated pursuant to a bilateral agreement the air operator should consult with their regulatory authority.

Note 3

To apply for a license the air operator should contact the Canadian Transportation Agency, at the following address:

Canadian Transportation Agency of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0N9
Phone: (819) 997-6359
Facsimile: (819) 953-5562
Telex: (819) 953-4254

Note 4

Off-loading of traffic at a Technical Landing at a Canadian airport will be permitted where circumstances so require to ensure the safety of persons or property. Permission to transfer the traffic and/or crew to another aircraft must be obtained from Transport Canada and the Canadian Inspection Services: Revenue Canada; Citizenship and Immigration Canada; Health Canada; and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Note 5

The following information is required if the aircraft is carrying dangerous goods:

  1. the class, quantity (weight in each class), shipping name of the dangerous good(s) and the United Nations number, as well as a statement that; "The dangerous goods are packaged in accordance with the International Air Transport Association/ICAO Requirements, and if applicable Atomic Energy Control Board Regulations"; and
  2. confirmation that the Civil Aviation Authority of the State from which the flight originates and the Civil Aviation Authority of the air operator have authorized the flight.

Note 6

Airport Access

Unless operational requirements dictate otherwise, technical stops for foreign air operators will be restricted to the following international airports:

Calgary (CYYC) Ottawa (CYOW)
Goose Bay (CYYR)(Military) Québec (CYQB)
Edmonton (CYEG) St. John’s (CYYT)
Gander (CYQX) Stephenville (CYJT)
Halifax (CYHZ) Toronto (CYYZ)
Hamilton (CYHM) Vancouver (CYVR)
Montreal Mirabel (CYMX) Victoria (CYYJ)
Montreal Dorval (CYUL) Winnipeg (CYWG)
  1. At civilian airports, the foreign air operator is responsible for prior notification of the airport manager and Canada Customs.
  2. Prior permission required (PPR) is normally necessary at military (DND) airports.
  3. For current airport information, flight crews should consult the Canada Flight Supplement or an equivalent document.
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