Staff Instruction (SI) No. 511-007

Transport Canada Support for the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee

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Issuing Office: Aircraft Certification    
Activity Area: Qualifying SI No. 511-007
File No.: 5009-32-2 Issue No. 01
RDIMS No.: 2210233-V3 Effective Date 2007-03-06


1.1  Purpose

The purpose of this Staff Instruction (SI) is to establish the procedures for Aircraft Certification staff regarding the evaluation and disposition of Action Items that may be raised by the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee, and to identify the persons who are authorized to sign these documents on behalf of Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA).

1.2  Applicability

This document is applicable to TCCA Headquarters and Regional personnel.

1.3  Description of Changes

This document, formerly Aircraft Certification Staff Instruction (ACSI) No. 9, has been reissued as SI 511-007 Issue 01. The reference to the Russian Aviation Register in the title and in the content of this SI was changed to properly reflect the name of the aviation authority acting on behalf of the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Other than the change in reference to the aviation authority, the addition of document and record management and other minor editorial changes, the content is unaltered.


2.1  Reference Documents

It is intended that the following reference materials be used in conjunction with this document:

  1. Memorandum of Understanding on Airworthiness between the Interstate Aviation Committee and TCCA, signed the 23 December 1992

2.2  Cancelled Documents

As of the effective date of this document, ACSI No. 9 Issue No. 1, dated 1999-03-01—Transport Canada Support for Russian Aviation Register is cancelled.

2.3  Definitions and Abbreviations

The following definitions and abbreviations are used in this document:

  1. Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (AR-IAC)


  1. In the past, TCCA involvement with respect to the validation/familiarization by a foreign Airworthiness Authority of a Canadian designed and type certificated aeronautical product was limited to ensuring that the exported product was in conformity with the identified foreign type design standards. Given that TCCA Aircraft Certification staff is familiar with the Federal Aviation Regulations and European Aviation Safety Agency Certification Specifications, the validation/familiarization could be easily accomplished by issuing a Certificate of Airworthiness for Export attesting conformity of the Canadian designed product against the standards specified by the foreign Airworthiness Authority, and by providing additional assistance, where required.
  2. For the present and foreseeable future, it is anticipated that most foreign airworthiness authorities require involvement by TCCA during their validation/ familiarization process of Canadian designed aeronautical products. In addition to TCCA attendance at initial and final briefings conducted during the visits of foreign Airworthiness Authorities, TCCA is expected to provide positions with respect to issue papers, certification requirement items or similar documents, if requested.
  3. The AR-IAC takes a different approach with respect to the validation of import products. In fact, it requires TCCA to respond to Action Items raised by the AR-IAC against its standards for which TCCA may not have the necessary familiarity.


  1. Action Items raised by the AR-IAC pertaining to a Canadian designed aeronautical product contains provisions for a signature by a TCCA authorized representative. The Memorandum of Understanding signed between TCCA and the Interstate Aviation Committee for the certification of Canadian domestic aeronautical products clarifies the meaning and intent of the TCCA signature, which is as follows:

    “The TCCA signature confirms that all substantiating documents listed in Action Items were accepted by TCCA, either directly or under authorized delegation”.
  2. Thus the signature by an authorized TCCA representative signifies that the data appearing in the referenced reports of an Action Item has been previously accepted as approved data by Aircraft Certification (in the case of reports), or accepted by Maintenance and Manufacturing functional staff  (in the case of Maintenance & Overhaul Manuals).


  1. A representative from TCCA will be in attendance in order to assist and facilitate the certification of the Canadian designed product by a visiting AR-IAC delegation to a Canadian facility.
  2. The Projects Management Division (AARDE) has the prime responsibility for this representation. Thus, the Chief, Projects Management will appoint a Project Manager to participate in the visit and ensuing discussions.
  3. The attending Project Manager shall have the authority to sign the Action Items or documents of similar nature. Prior to signing an Action Item document, the Project Manager will ensure that the data referenced therein, including associated material, was already accepted as approved data by TCCA, either directly or through delegation. The Project Manager shall also sign Action Items, which reference new reports prepared specifically for the AR-IAC, provided that they only contain pre-approved data or material.
  4. The responsible Project Manager will also ensure that any Action Item containing new data (not previously accepted as approved data by TCCA), is forwarded to the cognizant Chief(s) for review, solely for the validation of the methodology used and the accuracy of the data contained therein. No attempt shall be made at any time to determine compliance with the AR-IAC requirements. Upon completion of the review, the responsible Chief shall advise the responsible Project Manager of the results of his review.


Upon final disposition of the Action Item, a paper copy and a scanned electronic copy of all documents signed on behalf of TCCA shall be placed respectively in the specific aircraft model paper file and in Transport Canada's Records, Documents and Information Management System for future reference.


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Original signed by Gilles Morin on behalf of Martin Eley

Martin J. Eley
Director, Aircraft Certification
Civil Aviation

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