Multi-crew pilot licensing

From Transport Canada

The multi-crew pilot licence (MPL) is an internationally recognized type of pilot licence.

About this licence

The MPL shows that a person has successfully completed the Transport Canada-authorized flight training program for multi-crew pilots. Holders of an MPL are licensed to carry out the duties of a co-pilot operating an aeroplane that is:

  • multi-engine
  • turbine-powered
  • transport category
  • certificated to be operated by two or more pilots, under visual flight rules (VFR) or instrument flight rules (IFR) conditions

Licence restrictions

Privileges are restricted to aeroplanes for which the pilot holds a type rating on their licence.

Pilots who hold an MPL may only fly within the restrictions imposed on that licence, unless they also hold one of the traditional pilot licences, ratings or permits. These may include the:

  • recreational pilot permit (aeroplane)
  • private pilot licence
  • commercial pilot licence
  • airline transport pilot licence

To obtain another licence, rating or permit, an MPL holder must meet “bridging” experience, knowledge and skill requirements set out by Transport Canada.

Training and flight test manuals

A multi-crew pilot licence training program manual and a flight test manual are available. Please contact Civil Aviation to obtain a copy.

Contact Civil Aviation for further information

If you have questions about MPL licensing, contact Civil Aviation.

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