Aerodrome Safety Functional Directives (ASD)

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ASD Number Issue Date Subject of Directive
2003-009 2003.10.15 Aerodrome Certification based on "public interest" grounds
2002-008 2002.11.26 Implementation of new or amended noise abatement procedures
2002-007 2002.10.24 Policy on the approval process for an Airport Operations Manual (AOM)
2001-006 2001.08.20 Moratorium–Emergency Response Plans (REVOKED)
2001-005 2001.07.12 Administrative Limitation of Delegation of Authority
2000-003 2000.07.31 Impact of Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) 308 and Standard 328, on the moratorium restricting changes to Emergency Response Plans at those airports not designated in CAR 303 (REVOKED)
2000-002 2000.09.15 Implementation of new noise abatement procedures and noise control measures (REVOKED - Superceded by ASD 2002-008)
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