Aerodrome Safety Circular

ASC 2003-019


Procedures to Complete an Aerodrome Operator Attestation to Support an Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP).


The purpose of this Circular is to provide operators of non-certified aerodromes with a set of instructions that outlines the procedures to be followed when completing an Aerodrome Operator Attestation. This Attestation is necessary to support public IAPs at non-certified aerodromes. This attestation is also required to obtain minima lower than 500 ft for restricted IAPs.

This circular supercedes ASC 2001-013.


Section 803.02 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) regulates the development of civil instrument procedures in Canada through the standards manual entitled Criteria for the Development of Instrument Procedures, known as TP 308. Paragraph 120(a) of this document requires that specific aerodrome standards be met before an IAP is authorized.

The rationale for linking the aerodrome standards and TP 308 is to ensure that a specific obstacle-free environment is provided in the vicinity of the non-certified aerodrome to support the visual segment of an IAP.


Table 1, attached, specifies the type of instrument procedure and the associated minima and application (public or restricted use) authorized for any combination of navigation aid (NAVAID)/approach system capability versus the landing surface and applicable aerodrome design requirements.

The procedures that a non-certified aerodrome operator is to follow are outlined in this section.

The aerodrome operator conducts an assessment of the runway(s) for which the IAP will be designed based on the minimum requirements for the critical aircraft specified in Table 2, "Aerodrome Physical Characteristics, " attached. Figure 1 is provided to illustrate the obstacle limitation surface terminology used in Table 2.

When the assessment is completed, the aerodrome operator forwards a signed copy of the attached Aerodrome Operator Attestation (Appendix 1), along with the assessment results, to the IAP designer. This information and the Attestation will provide the IAP designer with the documentation to confirm compliance with the requirements set out in paragraph 120(a) of TP 308.


It is the aerodrome operator’s responsibility to conduct an assessment of the runway for which an IAP will be designed and to provide the results to the IAP designer. In addition, the aerodrome operator has an ongoing responsibility to advise NAV CANADA of any change or modification to the information submitted in the Attestation.

A list of regional Transport Canada Aerodrome Safety offices is attached.

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Original signed by:
Robert J. Shuter (2003.01.10)
Acting Director, Aerodrome Safety

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