This unclassified plan, Emergency Security Control of Air Traffic (ESCAT) Plan, supersedes TP 1258E, dated April 2000.

The threat to our national security and survival, posed by potential aggressor capability, dictates that the effectiveness of the air defence system must not be adversely affected by non-essential air traffic operating in airspace in which either an air battle or contingency operation is being conducted or is imminent. In addition, provisions have to be made to expedite the handling of aircraft movements that support national contingency plans.

The ESCAT Plan has been developed to outline the roles, responsibilities and procedures for Transport Canada, NAV CANADA and Department of National Defence authorities to regulate the movement of friendly, non-tactical aircraft; facilitate the identification, tracking, and interception of, potentially or actually, hostile aircraft; and ensure the preservation of civil and military aircraft for employment in national survival operations. Rules pertaining to the Plan are contained in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and are reproduced in appropriate military flying orders.

John Baird
Minister of Transport
Peter MacKay
Minister of National Defence
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