TP 13094 - Civil Aviation Maintenance Schedule Approval Policy and Procedures Manual - June 2006 Revision 3


Chapter 1 - Introduction

  1. Purpose
  2. Reference Material
  3. Applicability
  4. Background

Chapter 2 - Schedule Development

5. General

6. Application

7. Small Aircraft Schedules

8. Large Aircraft Schedules

9. Schedule Amendment

10. Tolerances

Chapter 3 - Approval

11. General

12. STD 625, Appendix D, Approval

13. Schedule Amendment

14. Administrative Procedures

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Appendix A - Form 24-0055A Small Aircraft Maintenance Schedule Approval
Appendix B - Form 24-0055B Large Aircraft Maintenance Schedule Approval
Appendix C - Form 24-0055C Maintenance Schedule Amendment Request

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