Decision Making/Human Factors

SR 21 - Recommend Transport Canada System Safety regional offices tailor Decision Making/Human Factors courses to meet the specific needs of air operators and specific types of operations.

IA 21 - Recommend air operator management attend Decision Making/Human Factors courses and support pilots, AMEs and apprentices in attending these courses.

SR 22 - Recommend Transport Canada make Decision Making/Human Factors course material available in alternate media such as video tapes.

SR 23 - Recommend Transport Canada review the Commercial Air Service Standard authorizing operations in reduced visibility, provided the pilot has taken a Pilot Decision Making (PDM) course, to determine if a one-time attendance at the PDM course is sufficient.

IA 23 - Recommend air operators not pressure pilots to operate in marginal weather conditions and support the pilot's decision to wait for suitable weather before departing or to turn around when the weather deteriorates, etc. Recommend pilots stop pushing the weather.

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