SR 27 - Recommend Transport Canada provide the Chief Pilot and Operations Manager on initial appointment to that position with information about courses and training materials available from System Safety (e.g. Decision Making/Human Factors, Company Aviation Safety Officer course, etc.)

SR 28 - Recommend Transport Canada encourage Air Taxi operator management to attend the Company Aviation Safety Officer (CASO) course.

IA 28 - Recommend Air Taxi operator management attend the CASO course and implement the principles learned in the course in their company.

SR 29 - Recommend Transport Canada promote the benefits of having a company safety program to Air Taxi operator management and review the requirement for Air Taxi operators to have a company safety program.

IA 29 - Recommend Air Taxi operators establish a company safety program that is fully supported by management.

SR 30 - Recommend the Transportation Safety Board evaluate the management factors that contributed to the accident during the accident investigation.

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