SR 52 - Recommend Transport Canada develop a brochure outlining underwater egress procedures that air operators can provide to their passengers and clients.

IA 52 - Recommend float-plane pilots and helicopter pilots operating over water include information on underwater egress procedures in the passenger briefing.

SR 53 - Recommend Transport Canada develop various modules of the surface contamination training program that are relevant to specific types of VFR operations, such as Air Taxi, Aerial Work operations and helicopters.

SR 54 - Recommend Transport Canada advertise safety courses, safety programs and safety information (brochures, videos, etc.) on the System Safety Website and in the various Aviation Safety newsletters.

IA 54 - Recommend air operators, pilots and AMEs attend safety courses and distribute the information to other employees. Recommend air operators support their employees' participation in these courses.

SR 55 - Recommend Transport Canada include safety quizzes in the various Aviation Safety Letters targeting new or amended procedures and regulations to provide the aviation industry with a more interesting way of learning.

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