Transport Canada

SR 56 - Recommend Transport Canada facilitate information sessions to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between Transport Canada and the Air Taxi industry.

IA 56 - Recommend air operators, pilots, AMEs, Air Traffic Control/Flight Service Station personnel actively participate in these sessions. Recommend air operators support their employees' participation in these sessions.

SR 57 - Recommend Transport Canada establish a confidential reporting system for safety concerns and regulatory infractions modeled after the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS).

SR 58 - Recommend Transport Canada conduct more operations-oriented audits and inspections.

SR 59 - Recommend Transport Canada conduct in-flight inspections in Air Taxi aircraft.

SR 60 - Recommend Transport Canada conduct more random audits and inspections.

SR 61 - Recommend Transport Canada provide more regulatory compliance presence, especially in northern and remote areas.

SR 62 - Recommend Transport Canada ensure all audit follow-up is completed.

IA 62 - Recommend air operators ensure all audit findings are rectified.

SR 63 - Recommend Transport Canada Regional Commercial and Business Aviation inspector personnel are more representative of the demographics of the aviation industry.

SR 64 - Recommend Transport Canada establish a conflict resolution program where members of the aviation industry can confidentially report problems with individual Civil Aviation inspectors.

SR 65 - Recommend Transport Canada publish on the Internet and in hard copy an inventory of exemptions that have been issued to air operators.

SR 66 - Recommend Transport Canada analyse all exemptions issued to air operators to determine if any should be revoked and the conditions of those exemptions included in the Canadian Aviation Regulations or Canadian Aviation Regulations Standards.

SR 67 - Recommend Transport Canada continue to promote in the Aviation Safety Vortex newsletter the safety benefits of helicopter pilots wearing helmets, especially in aerial work operations, and promote flight training units to encourage student pilots to wear helmets.

IA 67 - Recommend that helicopter air operators, especially aerial work operators, encourage their pilots to wear helmets, that commercial helicopter pilots wear helmets and that flight training units encourage student helicopter pilots to wear helmets.

SR 68 - Recommend Transport Canada promote customer education to encourage passengers who have protective headgear to wear it while in the helicopter.

IA 68 - Recommend air operators and pilots encourage passengers who have protective headgear to wear it while in the helicopter.

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