TP 13689-2 - Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Technical Program Evaluation and Co-ordination

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This is to inform you of the release of the Crew Resource Management (CRM) educational package.

The goal of this multimedia package is to gain a greater awareness of the concepts, philosophies and objectives of crew resource management training, to enable participants to use more crew resource management tools and to enhance participants' to use their most valuable resource - themselves.

CRM is a concept involving three main elements:

  1. Indoctrination and awareness training
  2. Practice, feedback and recurrent training
  3. Continuing reinforcement

A successful CRM program requires participation from all levels of the flight operation so that good CRM practices become the norm throughout the company and are reinforced daily.

  • the facilitator's notes;
  • a copy of the participant workbook;
  • a video; and
  • a CD-ROM of the PowerPoint presentation.

Users can easily customize these materials to meet their particular needs.

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