Part D - Manufacturer's Recommendation (MR) Process

Chapter4. MRB Process Audits

a) Audit of the Completed Analytical Process7

All holders of aircraft type certificates for which an MRBR has been developed shall maintain records of the analysis performed, in a manner such that Transport Canada may conduct an audit of the complete initial analytical process, and any subsequent analytical processes, that may lead to an amendment of the initial MRBR.

b) Validation of the Associated Maintenance Procedures8

The type certificate applicant must develop internal instructions and guidelines to enable the validation of all maintenance procedures written to support MRBR tasks and then the applicant must validate those maintenance procedures. The objective of the validation is to ensure that the procedure can be performed and that the procedure meets the intent of the MRBR task.

Where and when requested by Transport Canada, the type certificate applicant must make available a completed aircraft and the necessary qualified maintenance personnel to demonstrate to TCCA that any particular maintenance procedure can be adequately performed and that the procedure meets the intent of the MRB task.

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