Part B - The Maintenance Review Board (MRB) Process

Chapter8. Responsibilities - Regulatory Authorities

When the type certificate applicant formally notifies the TCCA Superintendent, Aircraft Evaluation Group (AEG) of the intention to develop an MTB proposal, the AEG Superintendent will assign a qualified person as MTB Chairperson to establish and manage the MTB. MTB members/WG advisors are to be selected by the MTB Chairperson with the concurrence of the AEG Superintendent.

a) MTB Chairperson

It is the responsibility of the MTB Chairperson, to perform the following functions:

  1. Determine the number and type of TCCA personnel that are necessary, and then organise them into a Maintenance Type Board.
  2. Provide the applicant with the names of TCCA MTB personnel, their affiliations, assignments, and changes as they occur.
  3. Establish and maintain a file of all MTB proceedings for the MTB historical file.
  4. Establish the extent of regulatory authority participation and assignment of WG advisors.
  5. Ensure that the type certificate applicant provides the necessary technical and analytical logic training to MTB members/WG advisors.
  6. Attend Steering Committee (SC) meetings.
  7. Offer advice to the SC and the WG's.
  8. Review reports from previous SC meetings (if applicable) and from the WG members.
  9. Approve the MTBR, and revisions thereto.

b) MTB Members

MTB members are expected to meet or have the equivalent experience and training as required by this Chapter. In addition the MTB members are expected to perform the following functions:

  1. Attend WG meetings and provide guidance to the WG members.
  2. Review WG meeting minutes and provide progress reports to the MTB Chairperson before the next scheduled SC meeting. This review will contain an assessment of WG activities, including a notification of any controversy or potential problem areas.
  3. Attend SC meetings, as invited by the MTB Chairperson, in co-ordination with the applicant.
  4. Attend MTB meetings.

c) Experience and Training Requisites

  1. MTB Members must meet the following levels of:


    1. Valid aircraft maintenance engineer (technician) license which meets ICAO Annex1 criteria or practical experience and theoretical training that is equivalent, or
    2. Practical training and experience on an equivalent aircraft type or systems, or
    3. Practical experience as an Aircraft Maintenance Inspector or Quality Assurance experience.


  1. Formal training in the principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance, and
  2. Formal training in the analytical logic process that is to be utilised for maintenance instruction development.
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