Part B - The Maintenance Review Board (MRB) Process

Chapter9. Policy and Procedures Handbook (PPH)

a) PPH Format and Content

The recommended PPH format and content requirements are located in Appendix2 of this document.

b) PPH Review and Approval

The PPH, when approved by the ISC, is to be forwarded to the MRB for their review and formal acceptance by the MRB Chairperson. Comments arising from the review process will be directed by the MRB Chairperson to the type certificate applicant for action prior to formal acceptance being made. The PPH must be formally accepted prior to commencement of Working Group meetings.

c) PPH Publication

When the PPH has been approved and accepted the applicant publishes it. It is to be used by all of the participants in the MRB process as the standard to which the MRB process will be conducted for a particular aircraft model.

d) PPH Revisions

Revisions to the PPH are to follow the same review and approval route as for the initial development of the PPH.

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