Part C - Maintenance Type Boards (MTB) Process

Chapter2. MTB Process Applicability

The MTB process is applicable for transport category aircraft type certified with nine or less passengers, or for restricted category aircraft greater than 5,700Kgs.

a) Where Canada is the State of Design

Where TCCA is the primary type certification authority, the applicant who is seeking a type certificate for a new or a derivative aircraft for which this section is applicable may develop their scheduled maintenance instructions in accordance with a Maintenance Type Board process or request the Aircraft Evaluation Division to convene a Maintenance Review Board (see PartB).

b) Where Canada is not the State of Design

A foreign applicant who is seeking, or intending to seek, a Canadian type certificate for a new or a derivative aircraft for which this Part is applicable, should contact the TCCA Aircraft Evaluation Division to discuss the process under which the scheduled maintenance instructions have been or will be developed, and how acceptance of that process may be made by TCCA.

c) Analytical Logic to be used for Scheduled Maintenance Task Development

The most current version of the MSG-3 logic, which has been accepted at the IMRBPB, is the analytical logic to be used when initiating a new MTB.

Note: Although MRBRs were once produced by combining tasks developed in accordance with different versions of an analytical logic, this method has proved to be impractical and is not acceptable for use with MTBs.

If the applicant chooses to utilize logic other than MSG-3, the applicant must demonstrate that their alternative means of compliance will result in an equivalent level of safety12. In such cases the scheduled maintenance instructions should be developed in accordance with an analytical logic that is based on reliability centered maintenance principles that meet the criteria of the SAEJA1011 Standard. Should the evaluation identify areas of non-compliance with the SAEJA1011 Standard, the applicant should develop processes that would mitigate the areas of non-compliance prior to utilising the analytical logic. The completed evaluation should be approved by the most senior manager of the applicant who is responsible for the development of the maintenance instructions, and a copy of the completed evaluation, including any processes developed to mitigate non-compliances, must be provided to TCCA.

12 Provides compliance with IMRBPB IP053

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