TP 13876 - Weather to Fly

Technical Program Evaluation and Co-ordination

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  1. Weather To Fly
    Weather awareness as part of the flying environment.
  2. Avoiding The Trap
    Basic message: Use alternative plan early.
  3. Wind Speed and Direction
    Knowing wind direction and speed important.
  4. Judging Ceilings, Fog &Visibility
    Importance of understanding subject.
  5. Over The Top
    Discussion on VFR "Over-the-top".
  6. Pilot Reports (PIREP'S)
    Importance of.
  7. Destination Awareness
    Planning and Avoidance.
  8. AWOS
    Auto Reports. Discussion on AWOS.
  9. A Visit to the Flight Service Office
    Understand TAFS.
  10. A Visit to the Flight Service Office
    Understand METARS.
  11. Rain on the Windshield
    Knowing the effects.
  12. Air Pressure and Altimeters
  13. Thunderstorms
    Discussion on thunderstorms.
  14. Down Drafts, Microbursts and Windshear
    Importance of.
  15. Mountain Flying
    Preparing and in-flight.
  16. Performance Related to Density Altitude
  17. Carburetor Icing
    Discussion on phenomenon and how to avoid it.
  18. Spring and Summer Runways
    Seasonal discussion.
  19. Frost and Flight
  20. Airframe Ice Avoidance
  21. Dressed For Survival
    Importance of proper clothing.
  22. Fall and Winter Runways
    Seasonal discussion.
  23. Winter Tips
    Preparing for flight.
  24. Winter Maintenance Tips
  25. Whiteouts
    Discussion on whiteout conditions.
  26. Turbulence
    Discussion on how to avoid, recognize.
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