1.1 Program Description

1.1.1  The Approved Check Dispatcher (ACD) program allows an Air or Private Operator (hereafter referred to as "Operator") the opportunity to develop and maintain a program of competency checks independent of the availability of Transport Canada Civil Aviation Inspectors (hereafter referred to as TC Inspectors).

1.1.2  The ACD program consists of Company Check Dispatchers (CCDs), or Contracted Approved Check Dispatchers (CACDs), who may be delegated the authority to conduct competency checks on behalf of the Minister.

1.1.3  To make application for a CCD an air operator must have a satisfactory safety record and have in place satisfactory programs for training and record keeping.

1.1.4  The number of ACDs (CCDs, and CACDs) and their conduct of competency checks are closely monitored by and at the option of Transport Canada. A TC Inspector may conduct any of the competency checks referred to in this manual and a TC Inspector may monitor any ACD conducting any competency check.

1.1.5  Competency checks conducted outside Canada by TC Inspectors will be subject to cost recovery as per the existing policy on Cost Recovery for Regulatory Services Provided Outside Canada.

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