1.2 Company Check Dispatcher (CCD)

1.2.1  A Company Check Dispatcher (CCD) is an employee of an air operator who exercises operational control for that air operator and who maintains a high degree of competency for which the CCD will be engaged in performing competency checks.

1.2.2  A CCD must not conduct a competency check on personnel from another company.

1.2.3  Although a CCD is the holder of a Delegation of Authority, a CCD requires the authority of the air operator to do a competency check on behalf of the Minister.

1.2.4  Companies employing CCDs assume responsibility to ensure that the CCD's authority is valid before scheduling them to conduct a competency check. In addition to this, an air operator is required to maintain records pertaining to the CCD's competency check activity. These requirements are specified in section 7.1.

1.2.5  CCD qualifications, initial requirements, currency requirements and the process for obtaining the required approvals are specified in Chapter 3 of this manual.


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