10.4 Dispatcher Competency Check – General

Note: While written for the DCC, many of the assessment standards discussed in this section apply to the monitoring of the authorized person conducting a DCC.

10.4.1  To evaluate the overall technical proficiency, communications skills, leadership and situational awareness of dispatchers with respect to normal and abnormal procedures, ACDs must closely observe their performance. To evaluate specific items listed in the CASS, the competency check must be conducted in a manner that enables the dispatcher to demonstrate knowledge and skill with respect to such things as dispatcher decision making, flight planning, aircraft performance, flight systems and communication.

10.4.2  When assessing normal procedures, the ACD must ensure dispatchers demonstrate adequate knowledge of the company SOPs and aircraft performances and systems to confirm their ability to properly use and plan flights.

10.4.3  The dispatcher must demonstrate use of as many of the air operator’s approved Standard Operating Procedures, normal and emergency procedures as are necessary to confirm that the dispatcher has the knowledge and ability to properly plan and exercise operational control.

10.4.4  Sections 10.5 to 10.8 describe the phases to be completed during a DCC, as appropriate, for the type of operational control system. A list of some common errors that may be observed during a monitor or DCC is provided, where applicable.

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