2.3 Limits of Authority for ACDs while conducting DCCs

2.3.1  An ACD may conduct a re-test of a failed DCC provided TC is informed. A second re-test of a failed DCC shall be conducted or monitored by a TC Inspector.

2.3.2  An ACD who is a CCD may conduct a DCC on a company executive or Chief Dispatcher/Supervisor.

2.3.3  An ACD must not conduct a DCC on a candidate to whom he has given the majority of the initial training, or the OJT.

2.3.4  An ACD may conduct both the recurrent training and recurrent competency check on the same candidate with prior approval from the issuing authority for justified reasons. In each case, the written justification must also be placed on the candidate’s file for each occurrence, for inspection and audit purposes. If an ACD has conducted both recurrent training and a recurrent competency check, the next recurrent DCC must be conducted by a different ACD, or if none is available, a TC Inspector.

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