3.4.1 The ACD Application Form can be found in Appendix A. The completed nomination form should be submitted to the person with the appropriate delegated authority under the Director, National Operations or under the Regional Director, Civil Aviation with the following supporting documentation attached:

  1. a résumé outlining:

    1. the candidate’s background, training, qualifications and experience, including previous competency check or supervisory experience;

    2. justification for any deviations from the qualifications and experience requirements specified in section 3.1 or 3.2 of this manual, if any; and

    3. declaration of any interest in the company or other condition that could result in a conflict of interest. Interest in a company will not automatically disqualify a nominee from receiving Check Flight Dispatcher authority. The approving authority will assess every case with consideration given to all circumstances involved.

  2. where ACD training has been completed, a copy of the ACD course certificate(s) which shows completion of both the theoretical and practical portions of an ACD course, including the date of course completion.

3.4.2 The ACD Application Form must be signed by the ACD nominee and by the following persons:
  1. for a CCD nominee, by the Operations Manager of the air operator seeking approval for the CCD (sponsoring air operator). Where the CCD nominee is the Operations Manager, the application form must be signed by a senior company executive;

  2. for a CACD nominee, by the Operations Manager of the air operator wishing to use the services of the Contract CCD (the contracting air operator) and the air operator for whom the Contract CCD is employed as a CCD (the sponsoring air operator).

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