3.2.1 A Contracted Approved Check Dispatcher may be employed as an air operator’s Check Dispatcher provided all conditions of section 3.1.1 are met, with the following exceptions or additional provisions:

  1. The check dispatcher has a minimum of twelve (12) months experience as a flight dispatcher, at least six of which while exercising operational control with the said air operator;

  2. The check dispatcher must complete all requirements of the air operator’s specific training program;

  3. The check dispatcher must be trained and certified to the standard outlined in CASS 725.124(21);

  4. The competency of each contracted flight dispatcher to exercise operational control on behalf of the contractor must be certified by an authorized person from the contractor, and the performance of all certified flight dispatchers must be subjected to monitoring by Transport Canada-Civil Aviation; and

  5. Be thoroughly familiar with the contracting air operator’s applicable SMS policies and procedures concerning:

    1. Incident and accident reporting; and

    2. Emergency response.

  6. The check dispatcher must be familiar with the contracting air operator's Operations Manual, Operations Specifications, SOPs and applicable Aircraft Flight and Operations Manuals.

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