4.1 ACD Application Form Review

4.1.1  The appropriate Transport Canada office will, upon receipt of the ACD Application Form, confirm that the ACD nominee:

  1. is acceptable in terms of experience and competency; and

  2. meets the qualifications requirements set out in this manual, or that any deviation is justified and acceptable.

    The issuing authority may approve a nominee not meeting all of the stated requirements. Justification provided in the ACD nominee's resume (that accompanies the application form) is considered in making this determination.

4.1.2  Where an Operator is requesting CCD authority, the issuing authority will verify the requirement for a CCD considering:

  1. the number of flight dispatchers employed by the air operator;

  2. the location of the air operator’s operational control office(s);

  3. the type and variety of the operational control system ; and

  4. the number of CCDs already employed by the air operator (where applicable).

4.1.3  TC will also verify the Operator's safety record and performance related to training and record keeping as required by subsection 1.1.3.

4.1.4  TC will contact the air operator to arrange a meeting between the ACD nominee and a TC Inspector for an initial appointment briefing.

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