4.2 TC Inspector Briefing for Initial Appointment

4.2.1 A TC Inspector will brief, examine and de-brief the ACD nominee on the following topics:

  1. procedures and techniques associated with conducting a competency check;

  2. techniques and standards used in the assessment and evaluation of a competency check;

  3. briefing and debriefing procedures and requirements;

  4. completion of the competency check reports; and

  5. the contents and interpretation of the following publications as applicable to the type of competency checks to be undertaken:

    1. CAR/CASS part VI & VII:

      1. 602 Operations and Flight Rules;

      2. 700 General (duty time limits, etc.);

      3. 604, 704 and/or 705, as applicable;

      4. 624, 724 and/or 725, as applicable.

    2. Approved Check Dispatcher Manual;

    3. Company Flight Dispatch Manual, including SOP's;

    4. Canada Air Pilot (CAP) and equivalent foreign publication, as applicable;

    5. Canada Flight Supplement and foreign national AIP, as applicable;

    6. Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) Canada; and

    7. Air operator's COM, Operating Certificate and Operations Specifications, SOPs, AOM(s) and SMS policies and procedures, as applicable.

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