4.3 Initial ACD Monitor

4.3.1 A TC Inspector must monitor a CCD nominee as they conduct a DCC in the air operator’s operational control facility for which approval is sought. This must be done for initial applicants as well as ACD's seeking additional authority privileges as outlined in section 2.2 of this manual.

4.3.2 During the ACD monitor referred to in subsection 4.3.1 , the Check Dispatcher nominee must demonstrate the knowledge, ability and personal suitability to act as an ACD by conducting the appropriate competency check specified on the ACD Application Form.

4.3.3 Competency checks conducted during an initial ACD monitor must be on normal line dispatchers and not on other ACDs or dispatch training instructors.

4.3.4 Subject to subsection 4.3.6, where an air operator has separated functional areas within the operational control facility (operational control segregated by fleet type, geographical areas, etc.), the ACD nominee seeking multiple authorities for additional functional areas must demonstrate the ability to conduct a competency check on at least one of the areas for which ACD approval is requested.

4.3.5 The functional area chosen for the initial ACD monitor will be at the discretion of TC. If there are large differences in the characteristics of these areas for which ACD authority is being sought, or if TC has any concerns pertaining to the ACD's ability to conduct DCCs on these other areas, a monitor may be required in each functional area.

4.3.6 Upon successful completion of the initial ACD monitor(s), the TC Inspector will sign the appropriate competency check report and attach a copy of the ACD Monitor Report(s) (Appendix E) to the ACD Application Form.

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