6.1 ACD Dispatch Competency Check Conducted by a TC Inspector

6.1.1 Where an air operator uses only one ACD, his DCC must be carried out by a TC Inspector no later than the first day of the thirteenth month following the month in which the last DCC was completed. The validity period ends at 23h59 local on that first day of the month. It must be noted that by reference to CASS 725.124(21)(i), this check is different than an ACD monitor and must be treated as such. An ACD Dispatch Competency Check and a monitor must be done on two  different operating shifts.

6.1.2 During the conduct of the DCC, the TC Inspector may ask questions to verify the level of knowledge and competence of the candidate in order to evaluate him in his ability to perform duties as a dispatcher. The TC Inspector will use form 26-0730 (found in Appendix C) or if the air operator has a similar tailored form, that one can be used.

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