6.2 Recurrent ACD Monitor Conducted by a TC Inspector

6.2.1 The purpose of recurrent monitoring is to verify a uniform standard is applied during the conduct of DCCs, the application of performance standards and the method of evaluating a candidate’s skills. To that end, ACD monitors must take place during DCCs conducted on regular line dispatchers and not on another ACD or supervisory/training dispatchers.

6.2.2 In accordance with subsection 11.1.1, TC Inspectors will conduct annual monitors on all ACDs no later than the first day of the thirteenth month following the month in which the last monitor was completed. The validity period ends at 23h59 local on that first day of the month.

6.2.3 Provided an ACD is authorized to conduct DCCs on more than one functional area, the selection of which must be at the discretion of the TC Inspector. If there are large differences in the characteristics of the functional areas for which ACD authority is held, or if TC has any concerns pertaining to the ACD's ability to exercise operational control, a DCC may be required for each functional area.

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