6.3 ACD Monitor Procedures

6.3.1  The TC Inspector and ACD must meet prior to the competency check to establish the sequence of procedures to be demonstrated and to delineate the extent of the TC Inspector's input.

6.3.2  During an ACD monitor, the TC Inspector shall ensure that:

  1. the ACD's competency check reports are complete, accurate and meaningful;

  2. where applicable, the ACD's administrative procedures in regards to the issuance of a certificate are in conformance with requirements specified in CASS 725.124;

  3. the ACD's competency check covers the required sequences as per the appropriate DCC schedule located in the CASS;

  4. the ACD's conduct of competency checks is fair and in conformance with the standards and procedures described in this manual and in Company SOPs; and

  5. the ACD's is acting within the limits of his authority.

    Requirements of this subsection are also checked during inspections and audits.

6.3.3  Upon completion of the competency check portion of the ACD's monitor, the TC Inspector and ACD's must meet privately to reach an agreement on the results of the check and the items to be covered in the debriefing. Where a disagreement exists between the evaluations of the TC Inspector and ACD's, the TC Inspector’s evaluation must take precedence and be used in the debriefing.

6.3.4  After each ACD monitor, TC Inspectors must complete an ACD's Monitor Report. A copy of this form can be found in Appendix E.

6.3.5  TC Inspectors must ensure that a copy of the ACD Monitor Report is provided to the air operator and a copy placed on the ACD's TC regional file. An electronic copy must also be sent to the Inspector, Operational Control (AARTF ) at Headquarters in Ottawa via email.

6.3.6  The issuing authority must ensure that the ACD's electronic files located within NACIS are updated with the latest ACD monitor report date.

6.3.7 During recurrent ACD monitors, the TC Inspector must also review the air operator’s utilization of ACD.

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