8.4 Dispatch Competency Check Procedures

8.4.1 The role of the ACD conducting a DCC is to observe a normal operating shift of eight (8) hours. It is understood that not all items on the check may actually occur in the span of this time. In order to complement the unobserved items, the ACD is expected to complete the check through scenarios, simulated events or questioning. When doing so, care must be exercised so as not to overload the flight dispatcher with the performance of his regular duties.

8.4.2 A DCC will be terminated during any sequence that, in the ACD's opinion if allowed to continue, may jeopardize the safety of a flight or a series of flights, or if the ACD judges further training will definitely be required in order to meet the standard. The DCC will be assessed as unsatisfactory when:

  1. any single item receives a rating of “(1)”;

  2. a total of five ratings of “(2)” are achieved during the course of the same DCC.

The shift is allowed to proceed as OJT at the ACD's discretion and with the agreement of the flight dispatcher, provided the ACD is a training dispatcher (see section 9.1.8 for a complete description). By doing so, this procedure must not be accounted for in the remedial training process for the re-test.

8.4.3 Although the ACD is not permitted to teach or coach during the competency check, normal feedback is allowed in the case where no other dispatcher is available, provided no prompting is made. This would be similar to an exchange of information between two dispatchers working on the same shift.

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