8.1 General

8.1.1  ACDs must refrain from teaching or briefing the candidate on the correct completion of an exercise or from taking any action that will prompt the candidate to take a specific action.

8.1.2  The ACD's attitude during the pre DCC briefing can greatly affect the outcome of the check. Competency checks may induce tension and feelings of apprehension in even the most experienced dispatchers. The ACD should attempt to reduce apprehension and create an environment in which a true demonstration of ability can be established. It is important to always be respectful of the candidate. ACDs should conduct themselves in a professional manner and avoid adding to the stress of the check.

8.1.3  In order to minimize sources of stress and distraction during a DCC or an ACD monitor, personnel involved with the competency check should be restricted to the following individuals:

  1. designated dispatcher;

  2. designated TC Inspector or ACD conducting the DCC;

  3. designated TC Inspector monitoring the ACD on a competency check;

  4. ACD under training, approved at the discretion of the TC Inspector or ACD.
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