8.2 Pre Competency Check Briefing

8.2.1 A pre DCC briefing to the candidate is required. It must be sufficiently detailed to avoid failure due to the candidate's misunderstanding of standards or limitations expected by the ACD.

8.2.2 The briefing for a competency check conducted must include where applicable:

  1. the mandatory items to be demonstrated during the competency check (to include weather simulated/actual, icing, emergencies, etc.. ) as indicated in CASS 725.124(21)(i);

    For the purpose of the competency check, the weather will be predicted for the day of operation. Candidates must be advised that simulated weather at or below the weather minima for specific simulated operations can be used.

  2. the probable duration of the competency check;

  3. any restrictions or limits imposed during the check (performance, weather, use of SOPs during emergencies, etc..);

  4. the manner in which simulated emergencies will be introduced by the ACD. All such events are to be presented within scenarios;

  5. the role of the ACD in regard to dispatcher duties if the candidate requests assistance from other flight dispatchers;

  6. radio procedures and any flight planning considerations;

  7. the candidate is required to demonstrate any normal or emergency procedure applicable to the aircraft. The candidate's technical performance will be assessed in accordance with the:

    1. aircraft flight manual, aircraft operating manual or pilot operating handbook;

    2. CAR & CASS Part VI and VII;

    3. air operator's operations manual;

    4. air operator's SOPs;

    5. aircraft MEL; and

    6. runway analysis.

    7. applicable SMS policies and procedures, including non-punitive safety reporting, incident and accident reporting and emergency response.

  8. the candidate will be expected to respond to any event and carry out any required emergency procedure in the manner specified in the appropriate company guidance document (AOM, SOP's, etc..);

  9. in the event a real emergency occurs, the dispatcher will assume control and respond as per the air operator’s SOPs.

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