8.3 Documentation to be verified before a Competency Check

8.3.1 Prior to commencing a competency check, the ACD will examine and verify the validity of the following:

  1. Dispatcher’s certificate;

  2. Dispatcher’s radio license;

  3. Dispatcher’s training file; and

  4. Initial or recurrent training, including the familiarization flight, has been completed.

It is imperative that the ACD ascertains all training has been completed and that relevant documents are valid prior to performing the DCC. To assist in this, the RECOMMENDATION FOR COMPETENCY CHECK report must be filled out and signed prior to the check by the Manager of operational control or the chief dispatcher, as appropriate. The ACD will then cosign the form and proceed with the DCC after he is satisfied that the information has been verified. The form in Appendix H must be used.

8.3.2 Except where company procedures have been established and accepted by Transport Canada, a DCC will not be conducted if certification documents are not presented, are invalid, or if the company has failed to provide all relevant training for the candidate as specified in the air operator's approved training program. This would include a re-check following a failure.

8.3.3 Notwithstanding CASS 725.124(21)(i), all recurrent training, including the familiarization flight, must be completed before the first day of the thirteenth month following the month in which the training was completed per CAR 705.113(1).

8.3.4 Per CAR 705.113(5), The Minister may extend the validity period of a pilot proficiency check, a Flight Dispatcher competency check, a line check or any training by up to 60 days where the Minister is of the opinion that aviation safety is not likely to be affected.

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