Guest Editorial

Martin Eley Director Aircraft Certification

It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to welcome you to the third edition of Civil Aviation's new-format quarterly Aviation Safety Letter (ASL). It is a key initiative in our overall emphasis on communication. In the context of the key results for Civil Aviation-the continued improvement on the high level of aviation safety in Canada and a high level of public confidence in our Civil Aviation Program-the Aircraft Certification Branch needs to be in touch, formally and informally, with both our industry stakeholders and the public.

The Aircraft Certification Branch is responsible for the development and application of the regulations and standards related to aeronautical products and their type certification and, along with the Maintenance and Manufacturing Branch, is responsible for the continuing airworthiness of the products. Each year, more than 1 500 new and modified aeronautical products built or operated in Canada are approved.

In 2003, we embarked on a process of re-examining what the Aircraft Certification Branch does and how we do it. The resulting Business Plan provides our mandate, mission, values, and vision for the future, and describes where Aircraft Certification must be successful and what must be achieved. The plan reaches to 2010 and is a shared headquarters and regional commitment to strategic action that is aligned with Civil Aviation's Flight 2010.

By implementing the Plan, we believe that the Aircraft Certification Branch will be well-equipped to respond to the ever-changing civil aviation environment and that we will have enhanced our nationally-recognized reputation as a regulatory organization.

I invite you to take a look at our Business Plan on the Aircraft Certification Branch's Web site at

Martin Eley
Aircraft Certification


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