ACARS Airborne Communication And Reporting System
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
ATC Air Traffic Control
BECMG Becoming (Weather)
CDL Configuration Deviation List
CMP Configuration, Maintenance and Procedures Manual
CP Critical Point
EEP Extended Range Entry/Exit Point
ER Extended Range
ETP Equal Time Point
EXP Extended Range Exit Point
HAT Height Above Threshold
HAA Height Above Airport
IFSD In-flight Shut Down
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalogue
MCTOW Maximum Certified Take-off Weight
MEL Minimum Equipment List
MMEL Master Minimum Equipment List
PMI Principal Maintenance Inspector
POI Principal Operations Inspector
PROB Probability (Weather)
PSRA Propulsion System Reliability Assessment
RAT Ram Air Turbine
STC Supplemental Type Certificate
TC Type Certificate
TEMPO Temporary (Weather)

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