AIS and Airspace Standards

This section is responsible for:

  • Developing, refining, and maintaining regulations, standards, and criteria covering the use of airspace and general aircraft operations in Canada
  • Approving changes to the structure and classification of Canadian Domestic Airspace
  • Developing procedures for IFR and VFR flight
  • Developing standards and criteria for instrument procedures
  • Developing standards for the lighting and marking of obstacles
  • Developing standards and procedures for such activities as mandatory-frequency procedures, simultaneous-runway operations, lazer and bright-light display, and heavy, scientific, unmanned balloon flights
  • Contributing to the development of international technical standards and procedures
  • Developing standards to permit the safe implementation and use of emerging technologies in Canadian Domestic Airspace
  • Developing and amending the technical content of those sections of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS) for which the section is the Office of Primary Interest (OPI)


To obtain an electronic copy of the Criteria for the Development of Instrument Procedures (TP308/GPH209); please make the request at:

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