About Us

Program Development

The CBA Branch standards divisions develops and maintains regulations, standards and interpretative guidance material governing commercial and business operations in the areas of air operator certification, flight operations, cabin safety, transportation of dangerous goods (DG) by air and aviation occupational health and safety (A-OHS). The Division provides functional direction and guidance to the operational Regions and Divisions.

Technical Training

The Division provides inspector technical training for Cabin Safety (CS), DG, A-OHS, and Approved Check Pilots (ACPs). Specialized training (such as ACP and CS) is also provided to industry and other regulatory authorities. The Division also provides Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and instructors in support of Aviation Learning Services — sponsored technical training courses.

Safety Awareness

The Division develops and implements CS, DG and A-OHS safety awareness programs and provides SMEs in support of other safety awareness programs.

International Harmonization

The Division contributes to the improvement of global aviation safety by its regular participation and contribution to international meetings and by supporting the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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