Operations Specification 098



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1. This operations specification is issued pursuant to paragraph 602.07(b) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations and authorizes the types of operations referred to in section 3 of this operations specification and Maximum Performance STOL (MPS) take-offs as set out in Supplementary Operating Data to the DHC-6 Aircraft Flight Manual.


2. This authority is granted subject to the following conditions:

  1. the Chief Pilot or senior pilot responsible for DHC-6 training will require a minimum of two hours MPS familiarization in a simulator equipped to faithfully recreate MPS normal and abnormal operations;
  2. line pilots who are authorized to conduct MPS takeoffs will require annual training consisting of the following:

    1. ground training covering MPS normal and abnormal procedures for each series of aircraft operated;
    2. a review of Limitations during normal and MPS operations; and
    3. a minimum of three MPS takeoffs monitored by an individual qualified in accordance with paragraph (a) above;

    Note: Engine failures associated with MPS conditions shall not be simulated below 1000 feet AGL;

  3. proof of annual MPS training will be indicated on the pilot's company training file and certified by an individual qualified as indicated in paragraph (a) above.
  4. company MPS procedures will be set out in the Operations Manual;
  5. for each MPS departure:
    1. subject to subparagraph (ii), the aircraft shall have a fully serviceable autofeather system installed and operating;
    2. the aircraft may be used to conduct MPS departures, with an inoperative autofeather system if it is in accordance with the Minimum Equipment List and where the pilot's MPS training has included engine failures with autofeather inoperative;
    3. the pilot-in-command shall ensure that the ceiling and visibility are adequate to permit visual obstacle avoidance in the event of an engine failure during a MPS takeoff;
  6.   the Operations Manual shall include guidance to operations personnel in the execution of this authority.


3. The types of operations referred to in section 1 of this operations specification are:



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