Operations Specification 613



1. This operations specification is issued pursuant to the subparagraph of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) referred to in section 3 of this operations specification. The air operator is authorized to conduct operations in en route Area Navigation Operations 5 (RNAV 5) airspace, provided that the provisions of this operations specification are met.


2. The requirements for authorization to operate in RNAV 5 airspace are as follows:

  1. The aircraft
    1. is equipped with an RNAV system capable of meeting a position accuracy of +/- 5 NM or better for 95% of the total flight time in RNAV 5 airspace; and
    2. meets the operational and functional performance criteria of:
      1. the B-RNAV portion of FAA Advisory Circular No. 90-96A, Approval of U.S. Operators and Aircraft to Operate Under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in European Airspace Designated for Basic Area Navigation (B-RNAV) and Precision Area Navigation (P-RNAV); and/or
      2. JAA GAI-20 ACJ 20X4, JAA Guidance Material on the Airworthiness and Operational Criteria for the use of navigation systems in European Airspace Designated for Basic RNAV Operations, and/or
      3. EASA AMC 20-4, B-RNAV, Airworthiness Approval and Operational Criteria for the Use of Navigation Systems in European Airspace Designated for Basic RNAV Operations, and
    3. meets the aircraft eligibility and aircraft requirements criteria of the ICAO Performance Based Navigation Manual, Third Edition 2008, Vol II, Part B, Chapter 2.
  2. Company Operations Manual
    The air operator shall establish procedures in its Company Operations Manual for the guidance of its personnel and any other procedures related to the conduct of RNAV 5 operations that are necessary for safe operations. These procedures shall include at least a system description and any limitations; the operational aspects, including normal, abnormal and emergency operations; and any effects or dependencies on other aircraft systems.


3. This operations specification is issued pursuant to:



4. Subject to the restriction(s) referred to in section 5 of this operations specification, the reference number(s) for the appropriate aircraft type(s) as listed in part II of this air operator certificate are:



5. This authorization is limited to the following specific series and/or specific aircraft registration(s), if applicable:



6. The applicable training requirements are contained in Commercial Air Service Standards 722.76(15), 723.98(21), 724.115(22) or 725.124(27), as applicable to the Canadian Aviation Regulations Subpart identified in section 3 of this operations specification. The air operator shall provide training to personnel involved with RNAV 5 operations that addresses at least the following:

  1. the operation of the area navigation systems by flight crew in accordance with the training requirements set out in the subsection of the Commercial Air Services Standards, and;
  2. initial and recurrent approved training programs specific to RNAV 5 that ensure that each flight crew member and operational control personnel are proficient in the following areas:
    1. flight planning for RNAV 5 airspace;
    2. navigation performance requirements for RNAV 5 airspace;
    3. en route procedures for RNAV 5 airspace; and
    4. contingency procedures for RNAV 5 airspace.


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