Operations Specification 617



1. This operations specification is issued pursuant to the subparagraph of the Canadian Aviation Regulations referred to in section 3 of this operations specification. The air operator is authorized to conduct Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO) outside of Canada, provided that the provisions of this operations specification, and the provisions of the foreign operations specification that validates this document when operating within the country from which it was issued, are met.


2. (a) Foreign Authorization

  1. LAHSO may be conducted at designated airports and specified runway configurations as identified or referred to in the applicable foreign operations specification.

    (b) Landing Distance Computations

  1. Landing distance shall be the Transport Canada approved Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) distance for the configuration, environment, and the weight actually used for landing. In no cases shall LAHSO be conducted to a runway distance less than specified for an aircraft type as identified in Table 1 of Annex A.
  2. The AFM distance is that determined in accordance with sections 523.75, 525.125 of the Standard of Airworthiness and sections 705.60, and 705.61 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations

    (c) LAHSO may be conducted if the following conditions exist:

  1. the centre 100 feet of both runways shall be bare (no snow, slush, ice, frost, or standing water) with a reported braking action not less than good;
  2. a ceiling of no less than 1 000 feet and visibility no less than three statute miles;
  3. no thunderstorms, turbulence, windshear or other conditions exist that would adversely affect the restricted aircraft’s abililty to hold short after landing;
  4. a tailwind of four knots or less for wet runways or a tailwind of ten knots or less for dry runways; and
  5. when the restricted runway is dry, the maximum allowable crosswind component is 15 KT.


    3. This operations specification is issued pursuant to:



    4. Subject to the restriction(s) referred to in section 5 of this operations specification, the reference number(s) for the appropriate aircraft type(s) as listed in part II of this air operator certificate are:



    5. This authorization is limited to the following specific series and/or specific aircraft registration(s), if applicable:



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