5.4. Passenger Briefing

[Although the Passenger Briefing requirement has been listed in the Descent Check, depending on your operation, it may be more appropriate to include it in the In-Range Check. Specify which crewmember is to complete the passenger briefing as well as items that should be included. Additional guidance on the contents of passenger briefings is available in the CARs and related standards, as well as from your Transport Canada regional office.]

  1. The pre-arrival passenger briefing should be completed before the Descent Check. Confirmation of completion is an item in the Descent Check. The briefing is to be carried out by the Pilot [or if applicable by the FA with input from the pilots] and should include (but not be restricted to) the following items:
    1. Phase of flight;
    2. Approximate time to landing and arrival at the terminal;
    3. Weather at the destination and, if applicable, during descent;
    4. Requirement to fasten safety belts;
    5. Requirement to place seat backs in the upright position [delete if your Aeroplane seats do not recline];
    6. Requirement to stow trays/tables or place them in the upright position (if applicable);
    7. Requirement to stow all carry on baggage;
    8. Confirmation that smoking is not permitted;
    9. Emergency exits location (if applicable) [Briefing the location of the emergency exits during the pre-arrival briefing is not usually required. Check the CARs and Standards for applicability.];
    10. Wearing of outdoor clothing during arrival (if appropriate in the expected weather conditions); and
    11. Requirement for escort while walking on aprons (if applicable).
  2. An example of pre-arrival briefing follows:

    "Good afternoon I'm Pilot Pilot. We will be commencing descent for arrival at Somewhere shortly and expect to land in fifteen minutes. We should arrive at the terminal a few minutes later. The weather at Someplace is overcast, light snow, visibility of 10 KM, temperature of -25oC, and a wind from the northwest at 20 KM/H. We expect light turbulence and icing during descent. You may hear some pieces of ice hitting the fuselage as it sheds from the propellers; this is completely normal. The seat belt light will be turned on in a few minutes. At that time please fasten your seat belts and leave them fastened until the Aeroplane comes to a complete stop at the terminal. Also stow your table trays and carry on baggage, and place your seat backs in the upright position. I must remind you that smoking is not permitted on this flight. Please note the emergency exits at the left front of the Aeroplane and over the wings. Their use is described in the Aeroplane safety features card in front of you. Due to the inclement weather, we recommend that you wear your outdoor clothing during arrival. For your safety and security please wait for a crew member to escort you to the terminal building. We hope you have enjoyed your flight. Thank you.

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