Disinsection Policy - Sunwing

1. What Routes will you be spraying on this year?

  • Panama
  • Jamaica
  • Cuba

2.  What is the Product used?

  • d-phenothrin insecticide aerosol spray

3.  Method for each type of aircraft: (a) Residual; (b) Top of descent; (c) Blocks away

  • Top of descent

4.  Time of year when disinfection is conducted?

  • Year round

5.  How are passenger complaints handled on board the aircraft and received by WestJet?

  • On board by operating crew and/or directed to the Customer Service Department

6.  Who handles questions from the public regarding this subject?

  • Information is provided on the airline website prior to travel
    On website: http://www.sunwing.ca/ContactUs1.asp
  • Cabin crew answer questions while on board and/or questions may be directed to
    Customer Service Department
    Toll free: 1-877-877-1755

7.  What kind of information is provided to the passengers?

  • The legal requirement, product used and how it is used. MSDS are also available on
    board for this product if requested

8.  When are passengers notified of procedure that disinsection will take place onboard their flight?

  • Prior to spraying, an onboard announcement is made
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