Approved Check Pilot / Advanced Qualification Programs

The Approved Check Pilot (ACP) Program gives a commercial air operator the opportunity to use a pilot assessment program. The program consists of approved check pilots (ACPs), who are delegated the authority to conduct flight checks on behalf of the Minister.

The principal guidance document for the ACP program is the Approved Check Pilot Manual (TP 6533). This document specifies the policies and procedures that ACPs must follow to maintain their delegated authority. The ACP Manual is also the principal guidance document for Transport Canada inspectors. It provides the administrative procedures for approval of ACPs. The assessment standards for flight checks conducted as part of Transport Canada's regulatory oversight program are found in the Pilot Proficiency Check and Aircraft Type Rating Flight Test Guide (Aeroplane) (TP 14727) and Pilot Proficiency Check and Aircraft Type Rating Flight Test Guide (Helicopter) (TP 14728).

The Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) is a voluntary program offered to Canadian air operators seeking an alternative method to train, evaluate and qualify flight crewmembers, instructors and evaluators. Commercial and Business Aviation Policy Letter #169 is the policy document outlining program development and implementation, for the benefit of air operators and Transport Canada inspectors alike. The AQP Evaluator Manual (TP 14672) serves an identical role to that of the ACP Manual, within the confines of an AQP.

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