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Register My Amateur-built Aircraft in Canada?

For First-time Registration of Amateur-built Aircraft (TP 13156)

  You must:
Basic Requirement
  • meet airworthiness requirements for a flight authority as per Chapter 549 of the Airworthiness Manual at:  Cars - Part 5 - Standards - 549
  • apply to Transport Canada, Civil Aviation for registration marks to be assigned to your aircraft;
  • apply to Transport Canada, Civil Aviation to register your aircraft;
  • provide aircraft-specific documentation with the application;
  • pay the applicable fee(s).
Airworthiness Requirements
  • ensure your aircraft is ready for final inspection. This may require written confirmation from a Minister's Delegate - Recreational Aviation (MD-RA) or Transport Canada. You should contact Maintenance and Manufacturing in the appropriate Transport Canada, Civil Aviation office.
Registration Marks
  • apply to the appropriate Transport Canada, Civil Aviation office for registration marks to be issued to the aircraft. Registration marks will be issued in the C-F or C-G series.
Registration Application and Documentation
  • complete the form entitled Application for registration of aircraft (form 26-0522).  Forms may also be obtained from any Transport Canada, Civil Aviation Office;
  • attach the proof of ownership document (e.g. bill of sale, statement of construction from plans or raw materials);
  • include a photo of the aircraft ID plate, clearly showing the name of the manufacturer, model and serial number;
  • include fee payment;
  • provide the form, attachments and fee to the appropriate Transport Canada, Civil Aviation office.
Document Obtained You will receive a Certificate of Registration in the mail from Transport Canada, Civil Aviation.
Fee Payment There is a $110.00 fee for registering your aircraft, payable to the Receiver General for Canada. There is no fee for issuing a mark, but there is a $45.00 fee for reserving a mark or a $140.00 fee for reserving or issuing a special mark.
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